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What online make money is software

Upwind Logistics was currently targeting the ‘last mile’ delivery business. Shengyun Express had also been working closely with them.

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At the moment, Upwind Courier stations were expanding rapidly in Jingzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The number of shops was increasing rapidly.

On the whole, it was still not comparable to Shengyun Express. However, once Upwind Logistics’ cross-city delivery business opened, it would definitely pose a threat to Shengyun Express.

That was why Sheng Yun Express had to react as soon as possible and think of countermeasures.

Nie Yunsheng had already read the report. His expression was slightly grave. “This is completely within our expectations. Upwind Logistics has been incurring huge losses. It’s impossible for them to not want to do anything.”

“It’s reasonable for them to do cross-city logistics now.”

“With Tengda Corporation backing them, their goal must be to use these four cities as the center. Through the advantage of Upwind Courier stations, they would first open the market with high-quality services from the high-end people in the big cities and form a competitive competition with us.”

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“I have to say that this business model is still a threat to us.”

“What’s more, we don’t have many methods. Upwind Courier stations are already very dense in these cities. The delivery experience is completely better than ours. This is made from real money. We are unlikely to adopt a similar model.”

“What do you all think?”

A vice-president said, “Should we work with other delivery companies to kill it in its infancy? Just like what we did with Chilu Delivery.”

Obviously, this was the simplest and most effective method.

Shengyun Express had done this before and had succeeded.

A year ago, an express delivery company called Chilu Delivery developed at a high speed. It targeted the lower-tier cities in the Midwestern region. It became a disruptor with a huge backer, especially since they had a good relationship with the e-commerce platform and priced themselves one to one and a half yuan cheaper than Shengyun Delivery.

Chilu Delivery took the lower-tier cities very seriously. It printed the slogan “Chilu Delivery will not do a half-a*sed job no matter how high the mountain is or how far the road is.” on the walls of thousands of towns. It also said that it was ready to incur losses for two years in a row. It came on aggressively.

Thus, Chilu Delivery released the notice ‘Notice on Prohibition of Taking on the Agency of Chilu Delivery on the Network’ and ‘A Penalty Announcement for Taking on the Agency of Chilu Delivery’. It requested the franchisees not to take on any agency for Chilu Delivery and fined the companies that violated the regulations.