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Does online veterinary drugs make money?


They are way more excited than my expectation, …and it freaked me out a bit. However, the two of them awaited my diagnosis eagerly. …So, I let out a cough and answered.

“W-Well, if there’s no sense of jealousy at all, …it seems to prove that you two aren’t remotely close to cheating.”


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They are satisfied with my answer, so the two looked at each other in relief. I glanced at them gently…as I let out a sigh in my heart.

(If they can answer that question with “I’m thrilled” right away, in a sense, this relationship isn’t exactly safe either…)

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At least, I won’t be this considerate towards a “normal friend” of mine.

Those two pressed their chest in genuine relief, anyway.

“Wow, it feels great to prove your feelings. Aguri-san.”

“Yeah. Indeed, that question was quite reasonable. Yep, describing the feeling you get when you imagine we kissing each of our lovers, that’s amazing. Konocchi is a genius!”

“I-It’s nothing, senpai is overpraising me…”

Why are these people keep admiring me as a master of love recently? I hope they can just leave me alone. I’m already tangled up with figuring out the love of onee-chan and myself-

“Ah, …right. I’ll get some drinks at the convenience store nearby.”

-During this time, Amano-senpai suddenly stood up. The unexpected action freaked me out, but Agu-senpai immediately answered in agreement. “Oh, that’s nice!”

“The drinks aren’t cold anymore. Well, I want juice!”

“Alright, got it. Konoha-san, you want anything?”

Amano-senpai smiled warmly at me.