The reliable point of printing 600 yuan online

The reliable point of printing 600 yuan online

“Don’t believe that those other businesses have as good a conscience as Tengda does. We just learned a lesson from Home Corporation’s Safe Houses two days ago, didn’t we?”

Liang Qingfan and Song Kai suddenly understood something.

That was indeed a huge hidden danger!

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Actually, both of them had thought about this issue before, but they dismissed it for two reasons. First, they were still at the nascent stage of negotiating with other businesses and were far away from entering agreements. Second, they had not placed much weight on it because they thought too well of other businesses.

Now, hearing Lu Mingliang’s words, both men felt adequately warned.

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So that was what Boss Pei was worried about!

They could not help but turn to Boss Pei, only to find him sipping his wine and in deep thought. It was almost as if he was devising a plan that was way better than theirs.

At once, they sat up even straighter.

Yet, Pei Qian was busy thinking about something else.

When he had heard that the foundation on which the group of companies had been built could be shaken, he became slightly excited.

It sounded like such an easy way to incur losses!

Restricted by the System’s regulations, Pei Qian could not resort to lying and cheating to take advantage of his own customers. However, if Tengda’s partner companies did those things behind Pei Qian’s back, the System would probably not be able to do anything.

In other words, there was a loophole...

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Still, that thought only flashed past Pei Qian’s mind before he quashed it completely.

I am only interested in incurring losses and not going against my own conscience.

How can I allow shoddy companies that produce rubbish to lie to and cheat others using my name? Of course not!