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The group made a big round around the square as Chen Kangtuo pointed and introduced each item to them. He looked extremely proud of himself.

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Inside, he was elated. If I had not used my facial expressions to drop hints to the investors back then, would the entire layout have turned out this harmonious?

I deserve the most credit!

If not for the fact that Boss Pei doesn’t like people who claim credit, I would be boasting and showing off in front of him right now!

All the investors, including Li Shi, were very happy with the layout. However, they knew full well that they owed it all to Chen Kangtuo’s facial expressions. Thus, they felt too ashamed to claim any credit.

As a result, to this day, Boss Pei had no idea who to blame for all of this. He could only push everything to Boss Li, the most likely culprit.

Thriller Hostel’s reasonable layout and complete facilities would give anyone a good first impression. Pei Qian could not help but frown as the cogs in his brain turned quickly.

Calm down. The biggest merits now are that the Thriller Hostel’s layout is reasonable and that the initial traffic is guaranteed.

As long as I can minimize avenues to generate income, there would be a good chance to incur losses!

Quickly, think of something! I can’t give up just like that!

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After some consideration, Pei Qian realized that the first project was extremely cheap, and it would probably attract the most customers. Not many people would try the second and third projects, and he would probably not be able to earn much from the sale of their tickets.

That meant that the biggest problem at the moment was the Golden Maze!

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Although he had tried to keep visitors away from the goods as far as possible by creating a maze, the Golden Maze was in too good of a location. One could say that it was like a transport hub that was accessible from all directions.

It was not safe enough.