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“I must ask, what brings you to the starting area today?”

“There were a few reasons, but the first didn’t play out according to plan.”

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I shifted my gaze toward the Open Water Swimming Task that would probably begin any second now.

“Unfortunately, the final spot was taken by Kōenji.”

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“He was in fourth place just this morning, and yet now he’s already in second? As a classmate of yours, he’s quite the prodigy, isn’t he?”

“I hold the same opinion.”

Most of the top groups were competing against one another with a fairly slim margin of points separating their scores. If Kōenji were to take first in this swimming Task, he would temporarily shoot up to the first place spot.

“It should be about half an hour until the Task is over and Nanase-san comes back, so you’re welcome to come join me if you’d like. The shade here is wonderfully refreshing, I must say.”

She motioned toward the open space underneath the parasol, granting me full permission to share her space.

“How do you know about Nanase?”

“Because I receive regular updates about the various going-ons of the island.”

I had crossed paths with students from Class 2-A several times so far, so I suppose it wouldn’t be surprising if one of them had reported back to Sakayanagi here at the starting point. After all, traveling alone with an underclassman — and a girl at that — definitely tended to stand out in a bad way.

“Are you sure it’s okay for me to join you? I’m an enemy after all.”

The heat from the sun’s rays was so intense that it would be difficult to justify half an hour of direct exposure.