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[S2] Seemed a lot like Naruto’s Rinnegan and the Sage of Six paths. Six Gates seemed more original to me.

Translated by: Sads07

The bell rang, ending today’s class, and it became time to leave school.

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『Oi, child. Are you done with school? If so, show me a little more of the Imperial City today.』

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「Yes, yes.....tte.」

Well, even if I say I’m going home, it’ll be after several detours at the request of the Demon King.

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I don’t mind a little diversion, I wasn’t refusing.

But...... Before that......

「Well, I can’t go home, I’ve become a supplementary lesson student because of you!」

『...... I am not at fault...』

「It’s really your fault!」

Yes, after all, the instructor was angry because I mentioned that absurd eye of the Great Demon King, so I’ll be staying for supplementary lessons after school.

I mean, if I thought calmly, the answer that the instructor issued should have probably been the right one, and yet... damn......

“...... Hey...... Earth.”


It was then.

In front of me as I was about to get up, there the princess was standing, coldly looking down at me.