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Xia Jiang’s eyes lit up. “Huh? Can you explain in detail?”

Yu Yao explained, “There are two main aspects. They are the change in style and publicity method.”

“As far as I know, Brother Meng was very brash before he came to Tengda. He had driven sports cars to deliver roasted cold noodles. However, after he came to Tengda, he became very thrifty. He could even be said to be the poorest person in the entire company.”

“For example, most people in our department drive to and from work. Only Brother Meng takes the bus to and from work every day without any obstacles. Some colleagues even said that they could drive and pick him up, but they were all rejected by him.”

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“I think he seems to have become more low-profile in terms of his style of working. He’s no longer as flamboyant as before. Instead, he looks like an ascetic.”

“Brother Meng’s current publicity plans are very different from what he did before.”

“Previously, he did many more controversial marketing activities in order to generate more popularity for the Cold-Faced Lady.”

“However, Brother Meng’s marketing plans were all low-profile and reserved after coming to Tengda. For example, the publicity for Tengda’s physical industry and the Bunny Tail Live-Stream. The exaggerated style from before was completely wiped out, and it was replaced with a pragmatic feeling.”

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“This change is very obvious. I find it hard to believe that Brother Meng is the same person as the person in charge of the Cold-Faced Lady.”

Xia Jiang quickly recorded it down.

Obviously, this was evidence of Boss Pei changing Meng Chang!

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If it was the original Meng Chang, he would definitely continue with the exaggerated and eye-catching publicity method of the Cold-Faced Lady.

However, now, Meng Chang seemed to have completely washed that away. All the publicity plans looked very stable, giving people a low-profile and reserved feeling.

It was impossible for people to suddenly change 180 degrees for no reason.