Is it very good to make a live broadcast online?

Is it very good to make a live broadcast online?

“The reputation of the Game Club! Isn’t it weird to hear that from the president!? N-No, but I do like Amano-kun…”

After hearing Mizumi-kun’s mumble, I glared at him fiercely again.

“Ah, this is another fault of yours, Mizumi-kun.”

“Eh, you mean…?”

“I mean, aren’t you- too close with Amano-kun these days?”

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Mizumi-kun showed an even more shocked face and glared at me. He struggled violently.

“You’re the one to talk!?”

“Yes, Mizumi-kun. You’re…influenced too much by Amano-kun!”

“What’s happening? It’s like hearing Shinnosuke Nohara complaining about erotic jokes!”

Mizumi-kun isn’t convinced at the slightest.

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I shrugged again and started guiding him as the president.

“Listen, Mizumi-kun. The goal of our club is to improve ourselves. In other words, we aren’t here to enjoy games alone. However, recently, …you’re influenced by Amano-kun too much and focused more on enjoyment, right?”