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“It’s much better than IOI! There are only lousy teams fighting each other at IOI’s competition!”

“Their battle skills are not even on the same level. I took a peek at IOI’s competition as well. They say it’s a ‘Sino-foreign confrontation’, but it looks no different from playing professional rounds with random people in the game. They’re all in a state of disunity!”

“Exactly! I think I derive more joy from observing competitions in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe! The competition that took place at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s Live Esports Museum’s opening ceremony was much more interesting than this ‘Sino-foreign confrontation’!”

“We should just stick to watching GOG. It’s no fun watching lousy teams fight each other there.”

With a bad feeling rising in his gut, Pei Qian quickly accessed IOI’s live stream. It was strange to watch the live stream while he was at the competition venue, but Pei Qian could not care less by now.

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There were much fewer bullet screen comments here than in GOG’s live-stream.

“What are they doing...? Is this the standard of the ‘Sino-foreign confrontation’?”

“Lousy teams fighting one another.”

“Is this a ranked promotion for Silvers?”

“How boring. I’m leaving, I’m leaving.”

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“That’s it? That’s it? That’s it? That’s it?”

“What are you talking about? I think it’s quite interesting.”

“Hehe, I pity you for being a country bumpkin. Look at GOG’s competition. See what real professional teams are like. See how exciting competitions are meant to be!”

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Pei Qian was furious.

Where were those trolls coming from?! Don’t be bewitched by them, everyone!