How does the mobile phone have online miners to make money?

How does the mobile phone have online miners to make money?

Shinohara finally proposed to officially divide our common living space.

“What’s this?! You treat us like criminals, without proper proof. Didn’t we let you check our baggage and also do a physical examination?”

“You may not have necessarily hidden it into your bag, right? Men are perverts. Anyway, please do not enter the girls’ territory until we find the culprit. So go over there.”

After saying that, they demanded the boys move the tents. As expected, the boys did not seem satisfied with this and booing ensued.

“If you do not believe us, then move your tent away or whatever. We will not move our tent and we will not help you move yours either.”

“Ah! I see, then fine. You cannot stand the burden of getting caught, while pretending to help.”

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“And do not use the shower anymore, ok? It is not a joke to let a man who might have been a perverted thief use it.”

It seems that the unity that we had so far has completely broken down.

“Heck. Can you even stamp your tent?”

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Feeling that the situation became rather dangerous, Shinohara asked Hirata for help.

“Hey Hirata, could you please help us? For Karuizawa’s sake?”

“Ok, I’ll help you. It may take some time, is that okay?”

“Thank you, Hirata! Good for us, Karuizawa!”

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“Yup. Only Hirata is to be trusted.”