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But there's no longer any fear in her eyes.

"Kuku...even though you despaired so much, now it's like you were never even afraid. I feel stupid for doubting whether Ayanokouji is X or not. Your eyes tell me you have absolute faith in Ayanokouji. It almost feels like you'd go ahead and reveal your own past if I were to reveal Ayanokouji's identity. You can relax. Your role here is clearly over with this".

Having lost interest in Karuizawa, he released his grip on her hair and shoved her by the shoulder.

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"You sure entertained me, Ayanokouji. Despite being a defective product of Class D, you saw through my strategies again and again. Not only that, your modus operandi is even similar to my own. It was impossible for me to not be interested in you. To draw the mastermind out of hiding. That became pleasure to me. I haven't thought beyond that. I thought I'd consider it after meeting you".

He poured his heart out ever so talkatively and pleasantly.

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"And then I decided".

"...what are you planning to do to Ayanokouji?"

"Why are you so pissed off, Ibuki?".

Ibuki took her distance from me and fearlessly approached Ryuuen until she was right in front of him.

"What you're about to do now is something that puts Class C at risk".

"Kuku. You were always a lone wolf, never cooperating with your classmates and yet here you are, saying something like 'this puts Class C at risk'. Don't make me laugh".

"I followed you this far because I thought the class stood to benefit from your recklessness. But this one's over the line. Ayanokouji clearly has nothing left up his sleeve".

As thoughs spitting out all the resentment bottled up inside her, Ibuki continued.

"That's why I cannot approve of what you're about to do".

"Do you know what I'm about to do?".