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「A-Ahaha, you look sleepy.」

「You got up two hours earlier than on normal school days, so it’s no wonder…」

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Rose nodded like a little child.

(One could never imagine that she is such a weak morning person judging from her usual dignified self, but…)

Being together for a year now, I got used to this “sleepy-state”.

「Rose. Hold on a little longer. As soon as we get on the plane, you’ll be able to sleep for a while.」

As I called out to cheer her up,

「……………I’ll do my best.」

Rose said so, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

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「Okay. Let’s go right away, shall we?」

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「Yes, let’s go!」

「…………Let’s go.」

Then we walked to the mansion of House Arcstria, the meeting point.

On the way, the topic about the training camp destination naturally came up.

「I’m looking forward to seeing Cherin, the Land of Sakura…」

「Fufu, that’s right. By the way, Cherin’s specialty is “Sakura mochi”! Let’s eat to our stomach’s fill, Allen.」

「A-Aa… I-I’ll do my best!」