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“That’s true. He said the opposite of that letter? Was he mocking that letter on purpose?”

“Oh, my goodness, this is too comedic! I’m a fan of this boss!”

“Holy sh*t, I’m not going to say anything more! I’m going to send my resume to Tengda now!”

The entertaining netizens were responding too well to Pei Qian’s internal letter. He had not been prepared for this at all.

When he posted this internal letter in the Intranet, it had achieved the opposite effect, but it had not been this popular.

The sticky post remained in the internal forum, and new replies were being uploaded every day. However, most employees only felt more motivated after reading it and then moved on.

That was because only Tengda’s employees had access to the internal forum. They were probably like Hao Qiong and very used to Tengda’s generous treatment.

Thus, even though the internal letter was novel to them, they did not feel too moved. After all, everyone already knew how good of a boss Boss Pei was.

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However, the situation was completely different on Weibo!

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Of course, the netizens had never come across such a divine company and boss before!

The official platform had already praised Tengda in the exclusive interview, thereby improving its public reception. With this internal letter, Tengda was going to permanently reside in the hearts of many netizens!

Until now, this was what most gamers thought about Tengda:

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Its boss was like Bole, excellent at scouting talents.

Its employees were all outstanding. The atmosphere in the company was free and lively, and it was not as hierarchical as other large companies.

Finally, the benefits were good, and the company did not exploit its employees.