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“You said that you wanted one more person, so I raised my hand. There are a lot of things that I can help with”

“When the team said they needed another one member and I raised my hand.. You thought she is not ready to do it”

“I did not think anything in particular, really, not at all… why are you bringing this up, now? It is somehow confusing”

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Sakura is a docile character, but somehow she did not seem to back out from this conversation. When we began this trip as a school trip, she seemed to be rather passive. I thought that Sakura would excuse herself, but although her shyness was apparent, we continued walking side by side.

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Walking from the beach towards the woods, in other words, to move towards the inner part of the island, suddenly steals away a lot of our stamina. This is not a simple, convenient route, it gets a lot worse and cranky on the road. It looks like walking on a long winding hill road.

“So, why did you raise your hand in order to participate in a troublesome exploration of the woods?”

“Well…. Because there are a large number of people in the camp, I feel uncomfortable”

“I really do not understand your feeling, even when there are few people, still it is not enjoyable”

Now, it looks like it is the time to talk to someone, even If I become a little unpleasant.

“But…. Ayanokouji, you raised your hand, too, after all”.

Sakura raised her head and made a happy face, then looking rather confused, made gestures with her hands and protested in a loud voice.

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“It’s not that…. It’s not like that! It’s just that there are not many people that I can talk to, that’s what I mean”

Sakura kept denying with fervor while walking in a hurry when…

“Hey!… Be careful!”


As she was talking to me looking back and forth, her foot was grabbed by a root from a large tree, causing her to fall backwards. Hurriedly I reached with my hands to grab her, but I ended up not being in time.

“Are you alright?”