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Everyone was puzzled at Von’s mysterious theory.

「Von bro, that’s what we typically call “betrayal”.」

The man who seemed to be his companion inserted a very legitimate retort.

Von snorted scornfully in response.

「Fool, you should update your definition of betrayal. “Betrayal” means that the good fall on the wrong path. I simply transferred to a different organization to fulfill “my justice”. A transition from justice to justice, so to speak. It is not betrayal.」

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「I-I see…」

This Von Mustang character seems to be a fastidious man.

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「Von bro, let’s set aside the trivial things for the time being. Shouldn’t we prioritize “work” for now?」

The man, who also seems to be a member of the organization, scratched his cheeks with a troubled look.

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Upon hearing that, Von came to a complete stop, as if he was frozen in time.

「”Trivial”, you say? No. No. No. I’m not a fastidious person. It is you guys who are too broad. Listen well. Correcting small mistakes as I did a second ago is the right thing to do. Basically, it’s a “small justice”. By accumulating it on a regular basis, the “great justice” of world peace will eventually come to fruition. …Hmm, this is a good opportunity. So I’ll tell you again. In the first place, what is “justice”?」

He continued to talk endlessly, seeming to be obsessed with justice.

「Aah…. It’s started again, bro’s “Maximum Happiness Justice Theory”. Your Majesty Barrel, won’t you please change my partner? Our compatibility is the worst…」

The man who acted carefreely, had a serious expression this time around.

「You are… Deal Reinstadt, correct?」

The president called out to that man, not letting down her guard.

「Oh, you know of me?」

「Yes, I received information from the Holy Knights Association. If I’m not mistaken… You are a former Emperor’s Four Knights, correct?」the president said.