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「Whaat, Allen’s club…!? In that case, I’ll join!」

「M-Me too!」

「Nee nee, Allen. I, intend to join the swimming club, but… is it possible to join two clubs?」

After that, as a result of allowing to join even while being in another club, it was decided that all Class A students would join the Practice-Swing Club.

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In this way, the Practice-Swing Club boasted an unusual scale of 30 members, even though it was newly created, and it is recognized throughout the academy as a『strange group that keeps swinging sword every day silently in the corner of the schoolyard』.

At Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s branch at Ming Yun Villas…

On the way there, Pei Qian paid special attention to the shops that he noticed were renovating previously. Those included internet cafes, coffee shops, bars, and board game cafes.

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The location of those shops had been carefully decided. For example, there was an internet cafe right outside the entrance of Handong Jiaotong University’s East Campus.

As compared to the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe which was a twenty-minute walk away, the new internet cafe located right at the school’s entrance was much nearer. Naturally, that internet cafe was more popular among students.

Moreover, Pei Qian looked at the interior design and layout of the new internet cafe and saw that it was deliberately copying the style of the Fish-Catching Internet Cafes.

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The furnishing and equipment within the internet cafe appeared brand new, including computers, keyboards, mouses, and tables, and chairs. There was also a bar counter in the internet cafe that sold coffee and all types of drinks.

However, the layout there was not as lavish as the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and appeared a little cramped. There were many computers available, but their configurations most probably could not reach the standard of those at the Fish-Catching Internet Cafes.

All the computers at the Fish-Catching Internet Cafes were all assembled by Zhang Yuan. They could run almost all the huge Triple-A games in the market with full special effects. They had an incredibly high configuration.