What is the secondary industry to make money?

What is the secondary industry to make money?

Through the phone, Pei Qian said, “Ask them to play rock, paper, scissors. Pass the phone to the one who wins two games out of three.”

Lin Wan was even more confused now. It was a full two seconds later when she said to the two men, “Boss Pei told you to play rock, paper, scissors. I’ll pass the phone to the one who wins two games out of three...”

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Ye Zhizhou’s and Wang Xiaobin’s minds filled with question marks at the same time.

Did Boss Pei purposely call just to ask us to play rock, paper, scissors?

It seemed to be out of nowhere, but the two men followed instructions. At last, Wang Xiaobin won.

Lin Wan handed the phone to him.

“Er... Boss Pei, are you looking for me?” Wang Xiaobin sounded hesitant.

Pei Qian said, “Choose half of the employees from Shang Yang Games and put them in charge of coming up with an updating plan for Tengda’s old games. Finish it before January 20th and come up with as high a budget as possible while making sure that you can finish the project on time.”

Wang Xiaobin paused. “Huh?

“Wait, Boss Pei... Ye Zhizhou seems to be fitted better for this job.

“He’s an expert at functions while I’m good at data. I should be in charge of operating GOG’s international server while he thinks about updating the old games. That seems more—”

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Pei Qian: “No, you’ll do it. Alright, do what you have to.”

“But Boss Pei—”

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Wang Xiaobin was just about to say something more, but Boss Pei had already hung up.

Confused, he turned to Ye Zhizhou... and then to Lin Wan. He had no idea what was going on.

Lin Wan was a little curious. “What task did Boss Pei arrange for you?”

“Boss Pei asked me to take half of the manpower from Shang Yang Games to make new versions of old games,” Wang Xiaobin said blankly.