Is it true for buying a constellation online?

Is it true for buying a constellation online?

The student’s food and drinks have, without a doubt, been disposed of.

You could trace the purchases of the drug they used back to the pharmacy, but there will still be arguments that Class D didn’t use those drugs.

“There’s no harm in reporting this to the school. Even if it yields no result this time, the report you make now might play a role in the next incident. If they continue doing things like this, the school will be more strict on them.”

If it was found out that Class D really were behind this, it would be a severe issue, and the school would have to take action.

“Maybe. But it doesn’t matter, I won’t report this to the school.”

Ichinose rejected the proposal. In the week after the exam, her classmates would all have advised her to appeal to the school multiple times, and yet she still didn’t.

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“Why? Are you just going to submit to this humiliation? This is a serious incident that can change the results of the exam, and all you need to do is to reveal these details.”

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The evidence wasn’t impossible to find, that’s what Horikita is saying.

Depending on the situation, Class D might be subject to disciplinary action.

The longer the delay, the harder it would be to appeal.

“I will assist you if you wish.”

If it were Horikita, she would have never given up on this. Because she was like this, she offered to help Ichinose.

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“Thank you, Horikita-san. But I still don’t want to complain. There still isn’t any concrete evidence now, and… I want to use this incident as a lesson.”

“Lesson? What do you mean?”

Ichinose did not submit to Horikita’s persuasion.

“I think I’m lucky.”

Ichinose, who had a resigned expression just now, regained some life in her eyes.