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“I ended up forgetting to ask for Tendou-san’s suggestion…”

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I looked at Hekiyou’s student council president after I said that.

“Konoha-san, what would you do then?”

“What do you mean, Amano-senpai?”

“I mean, I wanted to know what will you say when you reject a confession. You’re cute after all, there should be a bunch of people that wanted to confess to you, right?”

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“Ugh! You’re saying stuff like that again…!”

Konoha-san knocked a few times on the table. Just as Chiaki and I were frozen, Konoha coughed and calmed down before she answered me.

“…Well, ah, in my situation…I’ll say I’m not interested in those things at all.”

Her response made me genuinely laugh.

“Ahaha, what do you mean by not interested in that at all, you’re just a hentai game-“


My foot under the table was brutally stomped. I immediately sweatdropped as I continued.