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How long had it been exactly? Pei Qian could not remember. It had been about a year.

Ever since Lu Mingliang obtained the Best Employee Award and left Tengda Games, he had taken over Upwind Logistics, which Pei Qian valued the most. He had also worked diligently, allowing Upwind Logistics to continue expanding and incurring losses. He had made great contributions.

It could be said that Lu Mingliang would undoubtedly be in first place if there was a credit book.

Originally, Old Ma was a strong competitor for this position. However, after Old Ma repeatedly caused trouble and earned a lot of money, Pei Qian’s balance in his heart was already heavily tilted towards Lu Mingliang.

Why was he calling?

Could something have happened at Upwind Logistics?

Pei Qian was very nervous. Nothing must happen to Upwind Logistics!

Pei Qian immediately picked up the phone.

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“Boss Pei, I wanted to report my work to you in person, but I realized that you are not in the office. Can we talk face-to-face when you have the time?”

Pei Qian pondered for a moment. “I’m near the office. Please wait for a moment. I’ll be there soon.”

After hanging up, Pei Qian immediately headed to the office and met Lu Mingliang in the guest room.

It had been a long time since they last met. Thus, Pei Qian chatted with Lu Mingliang for a while and asked if he had encountered any problems in his daily life. He quickly got a negative answer.

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That was to be expected. After all, Tengda’s benefits were very good. The person-in-charge was also being treated very well. The property prices in Jingzhou had not risen yet. It would not be a problem to buy a house and a car in a year or two with salary, commission, and various benefits.

Lu Mingliang could feel that even though Boss Pei had not asked about Upwind Logistics for a long time, he obviously thought very highly of himself!

It even surpassed core departments like Tengda Games.

He could tell from Boss Pei’s eyes and every move.

Thus, Lu Mingliang was very moved. He took out the report that he had prepared beforehand.

“Boss Pei, let me briefly introduce Upwind Logistics’ current development.”