Is the online make money method really useful?

Is the online make money method really useful?

“Imagine that you are a blacksmith living in ancient times. One day, you run out of food. To get grain, there are three things you could do:

“Plant your own.

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“Rob and steal.

“Create farming tools and trade with farmers.

“Most people would choose the third option. All of you would realize that constantly manufacturing metal equipment and trading would help you to get richer. Thus, the foundation of accumulating wealth is ‘trade’. “If you choose to plant yourselves, rob, or steal, would you be choosing not to trade?

“That’s not true.

“If you choose the first option, you would be trading your time, effort, and farming experience. If you choose the second option, you would be trading your fighting skills, taking risks, carrying weapons, and preparing for crime.

“No matter which you choose, you would be trading. What’s more, what you give would not be any less valuable than if you manufactured farming tools.

“Every decision you make to gather wealth would amount to a trade.

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“If you take away what is destined to be and the things that you have no control over, what is wealth that we truly possess and can truly trade?

“Is it money? No, that does not really belong to us. That is just a numerical representation of the wealth you have already given away.

“Is it time? No, the passage of time cannot be shifted by human will.

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“Is it our bodies? That is indeed wealth that you own, but if you trade it for money, you would become miserable.

“The greatest wealth that anyone has is ‘focus’ or ‘energy’.

“If you want to earn money by working, it would be of no use if you just sit in the office. You have to focus on your work and apply your knowledge to solve problems. That knowledge would be acquired if you focused in class and at work.

“Aside from everything else that we cannot control, the only wealth that we really have is our focus.

“This is the view on wealth that I want to share with you today: how should we make use of our focus?

“Many people might waste it away. Many people’s focus might be taken away by businessmen with selfish motives. Some people might focus on big data analysis.