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And Tre’ainar was by my side looking rather smug.

“Well, it’s good. Anyway...... I have the menu schedule you had requested. For now, it’s for this month.”

“Oh, oh...”

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Sadiz gave me a piece of paper. It’s a menu schedule for my meals that I asked for.

From today, Tre’ainar said he was going to look over it.

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“Then, if you have any requests, please let me know. I’ll ignore likes and dislikes.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“Yes. Please keep doing your best.”

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Saying that, Sadiz returns to the mansion without asking too much about the ladder.

When I opened the menu schedule for my meals from today that was handed to me by Sadiz, Tre’ainar looked at it as well.

『Ho-u... 』

And, he was impressed.

『Tis excellent. A rich menu.』

Saying that, he praised Sadiz’s menu. I was a little proud of that.

“Ah. Sadiz’s cooking has a lot of variety, and is all delicious. Her housework is perfect, and she is beautiful... Hey, I really have to get married.”

『No, not that.』