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Pei Qian was unhappy.

What did he mean by adding unnecessary expenses?

All expenses were necessary!

“Of course not!”

“Tengda’s motto is to strive for perfection. How can we make do?”

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“Suffering traveling is not only a physical requirement. More importantly, you have to master the corresponding professional skills. You cannot be sloppy!”

“As for expenses? That’s not something you should consider at all.”

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Pei Qian looked at Bao Xu. “I’ll give you enough funds to set up a special training center for ‘torturous travels’.”

“Before going on a holiday, I have to come to this place for special training. I have to master a series of necessary skills such as rock climbing, quick drop, fish catching, fire, and so on. I have to master them!”

“What’s more, you have to pay attention to various outdoor survival training, including endurance training. For example, walking on the pressure board so that your feet can adapt to a long distance… In short, you’re a professional. You can definitely think of more ways than me.”

“We have to make sure that nothing goes wrong before we set off!”

“I understand, Boss Pei. You’re right!”

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He had to admit that he had been too simple.

Before this, he did not have a deep understanding of this job. He thought that it was just like some variety shows that celebrities participated in. It was purely a formality and was based on experience. He had to go easy on it.

However, Boss Pei obviously did not think so.