Raising rabbits to make money online

Raising rabbits to make money online

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“I’m so hungry I’m crying!”

“I’m just a local in Chang’an. I didn’t know that there were such delicacies...”

“Some famous shops are actually not delicious, but some nameless stalls on the streets are very delicious!”

“The production team is very considerate. This film is very sincere.”

“They all look delicious. I must try them when I have the chance!”

“I had always thought that these vendors would definitely make a lot of money since their business was so popular. Now, I know that most of them only set up their stalls because they were forced by life. It is not easy.”

“It’s quite touching. Such a down-to-earth film is especially moving!”

“I’m craving for it, but I’m not in Chang’an. I can’t eat it!”

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“This is a documentary produced by the Cold-Faced Lady? What’s the situation with the Cold-Faced Lady? Have they switched from having a restaurant to filming documentaries?”

“I remember that the Cold-Faced Lady used to be on hot searches every three days. After a few months of silence, I thought that it had already turned cold. I didn’t expect them to release another documentary!”

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“The Cold-Faced Lady now gives people a much better impression. I don’t know if it’s my own feeling or not.”

“What does the last line mean?”

“I’ve checked. It seems like the Cold-Faced Lady is building a food laboratory. They want to search for delicacies from all over the country, poach people, buy recipes, and turn these local delicacies into food for the Cold-Faced Lady.”

“Really? That’s great. When will these new products be released? I’ll be in Beijing. I’ll definitely try them when I have the time!”

The netizens’ attitudes were very positive. Even their attitude towards the cold-faced lady improved greatly!