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“But…I think you shouldn’t focus on one thing too much.”

“Yeah. …Sigh, except gaming.”

“Why!? Isn’t gaming the worst when you’re playing too much!?”

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“Aguri-san, let’s stop fighting over this. This isn’t about who’s right and wrong.”

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“No, I’m absolutely being reasonable about this one!”

“Wars are born from people with a stiff mind like you.”

“Jitakukeibins are born from people with a corrupted mind like you!” [Note: The word means “home security” literally. It has the same meaning as NEET.]

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We hmphed and glared at each other. However, …we quickly chuckled.

Aguri-san put the last fries into her mouth and said, “Alright!” She grabbed the bill and stood up.

“The fries time is over. It’s time for us to go, Amanocchi.”

“Alright, …also, are you really paying today?”

“I should be the one to ask this. …Amanocchi, are you really trying to make me pay for all of it?”

“…Sigh, let’s split the bill.”

“Wow, you’re the best, Amanocchi! Love you!”

“The value of love is freefalling…”

Even though Aguri-san’s love can be acquired by noodle sandwiches.

After we paid, we left the family restaurant and strolled towards the station.

It’s just 5 PM, yet the sky is already getting dark. The lanterns of a chain bar on the opposite of the road are shining.

Aguri-san got her scarf on as she walked next to me and said, “Ugh, it’s cold!”