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"Very well, very well! everybody knows you have a carriage,"interrupted M. Saint Pavin.

The editor of "The Financial Pilot" was the living contrast of hiscompanion. More slovenly still than M. Costeclar was careful ofhis dress, he exhibited cynically a loose cravat rolled over a shirtworn two or three days, a coat white with lint and plush, muddyboots, though it had not rained for a week, and large red hands,surprisingly filthy.

He was but the more proud ; and he wore, cocked up to one side, ahat that had not known a brush since the day it had left the hatter's.

"That fellow Costeclar," he went on, "he won't believe that thereare in France a number of people who live and die without everhaving owned a horse or a coupe; which is a fact, nevertheless.

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Those fellows who were born with fifty or sixty thousand francs'

income in their baby-clothes are all alike."The unpleasant intention was evident; but M. Costeclar was not theman to get angry for such a trifle.

"You are in bad humor to-day, old fellow," he said. The editor of"The Financial Pilot" made a threatening gesture.

"Well, yes," he answered, "I am in bad humor, like a man who forten years past has been beating the drum in front of your d--dfinancial shops, and who does not pay expenses. Yes, for ten yearsI have shouted myself hoarse for your benefit: 'Walk in, ladies andgentlemen, and, for every twenty-cent-piece you deposit with us,we will return you a five-franc-piece. Walk in, follow the crowd,step up to the office: this is the time.' They go in. You receivemountains of twenty-cent-pieces: you never return anything, neithera five-franc-piece, nor even a centime. The trick is done, thepublic is sold. You drive your own carriage; you suspend diamondsto your mistress' ears; and I, the organizer of success, whose puffsopen the tightest closed pockets, and start up the old louis fromthe bottom of the old woolen stocking, - I am driven to have my bootshalf-soled. You stint me my existence; you kick as soon as I askyou to pay for the big drums bursted in your beha1f"He spoke so loud, that three or four idlers had stopped. Withoutbeing very shrewd, Maxence understood readily that he had happenedin the midst of an acrimonious discussion. Closely pressed, anddesirous of gaining time, M. Costeclar had called him in the hopesof effecting a diversion.

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Bowing, therefore, politely,"Excuse me, gentlemen," he-said: "I fear I have interrupted you."But M. Costeclar detained him.

"Don't go," he declared; "you must come down and take a glass ofMadeira with us, down at the Cascade."And, turning to the editor of "The Pilot":

"Come, now, shut up," he said: "you shall have what you want.""Really?""Upon my word.""I'd rather have two or three lines in black and white.""I'll give them to you to-night.""All right, then! Forward the big guns! Look out for next Sunday'snumber!"Peace being made, the gentlemen continued their walk in the mostfriendly manner, M. Costeclar pointing out to Maxence all thecelebrities who were passing by them in their carriages.

He had just designated to his attention Mme. and Mlle. de Thaller,accompanied by two gigantic footmen, when, suddenly interruptinghimself, and rising on tiptoe,"Sacre bleu!" he exclaimed: "what a handsome woman!"Without too much affectation, Maxence fell back a step or two. Hefelt himself blushing to his very ears, and trembled lest his suddenemotion were noticed, and he were questioned; for it was Mlle.

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Lucienne who thus excited M. Costeclar's noisy enthusiasm. Oncealready she had been around the lake; and she was continuingher circular drive.

"Positively," approved the editor of "The Financial Pilot," "she issomewhat better than the rest of those ladies we have just seengoing by."M. Costeclar was on the point of pulling out what little hair hehad left.

"And I don't know her!" he went on. "A lovely woman rides in theBois, and I don't know who she is! That is ridiculous andprodigious! Who can post us?"A little ways off stood a group of gentlemen, who had also just lefttheir carriages, and were looking on this interminable procession ofequipages and this amazing display of toilets.

"They are friends of mine," said M. Costeclar: "let us join them."They did so; and, after the usual greetings,"Who is that?" inquired M. Costeclar, - "that dark person, whosecarriage follows Mme. de Thaller's?"An old young man, with scanty hair, dyed beard, and a most impudentsmile, answered him,"That's just what we are trying to find out. None of us have everseen her.""I must and shall find out," interrupted M. Costeclar. "I have avery intelligent servant"Already he was starting in the direction of the spot where hiscarriage was waiting for him. The old beau stopped him.

Don't bother yourself, my dear friend," he said. " I have also aservant who is no fool; and he has had orders for over fifteenminutes."The others burst out laughing.

"Distanced, Costeclar!" exclaimed M. Saint Pavin, who,notwithstanding his slovenly dress and cynic manners, seemedperfectly well received.