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Ye Zhizhou knew that gamers would not be able to understand the changes to the game that quickly. It was normal for so many people to be engaged in the discussion. In fact, it was a good thing that so many people were discussing the update. He had been afraid that people would remain silent even after such a big update. That would be terrifying

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Ye Zhizhou started an alternate account to observe gamers’ reactions.

Unexpectedly, people were not opposing aggressively!

Ye Zhizhou thought that the whales would be cursing non-stop. However, after entering the game, he realized that many unsatisfied comments were quickly shot down. Nobody echoed these negative comments.

Everyone was discussing how the new changes would affect the wars or when the new server would be open.

“Everyone is interested in playing the new version. Are they really that excited?”

Ye Zhizhou looked at Wang Xiaobin and said, “Brother Wang, how about we open the server and allow people to test waters?”

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[1] This is an acronym for Role-Playing Game.

After holding everyone in Class C hostage, Ryūen finally allowed most of the class to leave.

Those who remained in the classroom started with Ryūen, Ishizaki, Kaneda, Ibuki, as well as the three traitors.

“Question: Do you know the identity of the guy who gave you instructions?”

Manabe and the others denied the question by shaking their heads from side to side.

“Well, next question: What are your reasons for betraying Class C? Explain it to me.”

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“That is--”

“There’s no use to concealing it now. If you choose to hide it anyways, then tomorrow is when your time as my classmates' end and you’ll be treated like nothing more than maggots.”

In a situation where there is no longer any escape, Manabe would decide to come clean with the truth.