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Everyone froze and fell speechless. …All of us are thinking of the same thing.

(Huh, I think I just saw one of my friends staying up all night to reach the 300 million goal…)

After that, Chiaki suddenly laughed stiffly and clicked on her phone.

“T-Think about it, the score multiplier in the mobile version…is definitely higher, right?”

She opened the official webpage and scrolled down to the comments. However, it showed…

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< The mobile version is excellent. But, the controls are terrible, and the score increases very slowly.>

< It’s still just as fun! But are there fewer enemies in the mobile version? Thanks to that, I think the score can’t be as high as the console version…>

< There are cheaters on the online scoreboard, right? MAI dominated. How could someone get a score like that?>

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< Developers: We didn’t discover any cheaters at this stage. It would be our honor if the players can continue to enjoy the game.>


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The four of us read these comments. The mood is getting heavier and heavier.

The classmates saw our faces and left without a trace.

At this point, Chiaki finally…

“…Phew, phew.”

She pressed the power button and turned off the screen silently.