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“You’re early, Ayanokouji. There’s still 10 minutes before the designated time.”

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“It doesn’t make a difference. You’re early as well.”

Chabashira stared at me, contemplating how she should reply.

I could more or less guess what was going on in her mind when Chairman Sakayanagi told her about the situation.

The sofa was unoccupied, but neither of us sat down.

“Where’s Mashima-sensei?”

“I’ve already met up with him, but it wasn’t suitable for him to come with me. This is a bold move, Ayanokouji. Didn’t you want to live a peaceful school life?”

Before Mashima-sensei arrives, I’ll play along with Chabashira-sensei.

“You say that, but you were the one that initially disrupted that peaceful school life.”

“No matter what, that isn’t how you should speak to a teacher. You might want to correct your attitude.”

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“I’d say my attitude is appropriate considering that what you’ve done back then wasn’t something a teacher should have done.”

Chabashira-sensei, who wanted Class D to rise to Class A, even resorted to threatening me, a student, to accomplish what she wanted. Ever since, I’ve always had a sense of distrust…No, disgust, for her.

Chabashira-sensei looked away, seemingly ashamed.

“I can’t deny that.”

Her desire for reaching Class A was too strong.

Because Chairman Sakayanagi trusted her, she couldn’t blatantly use me, but she could have handled it more smoothly.

No. No matter what she did, the result would have been the same.

Even if Chabashira tried to talk me over, my stance wouldn’t have changed.

But then again, my situation had changed a lot since the beginning.