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“It’s going well for now…Uehara-kun, I’ll charge like this…!”

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“Hmph, I’ll not lose to you either, Tendou. What follows next is a competition between us in a sense! All of this depends on whether we can unleash our attractiveness as a man and woman…!”

I received Uehara-kun’s message, and then I remembered the combat meeting that I held with him as I nodded with a smile.

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“You’re right. After all, our goal is…”

“Yeah, our goal is…”

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At this moment, we stared at each of our couples…with sharp glares!

“In today’s date, we need to make them stick as close to us as possible!”

Uehara-kun and I were slowly starting to feel that each of our relationships are in the danger zone.

-He, and she, are they still attracted to us?

Of course, Uehara-kun and I have heard each of our partners said they “loved” us in the past. That’s a memory that’ll be forever treasured by us.

However, words aren’t anything more than words. When we’re facing the unusual distance between Amano-kun and Aguri-san, we’ll feel a sense of emptiness no matter what, and all hope will be lost.

That’s why the one thing that we wanted the most right now is-

An indisputable fact, nothing else. Proof that we’re boyfriend and girlfriend.

Also, we don’t want a normal fact.