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After Tengda’s games were updated, a commotion spread across the internet.

The players of Ocean Stronghold cursed at Tengda’s boss, hoping that he would release the limit on the number of Barrett Doom up for sale. However, all the other players were thankful and touched, excited beyond compare.

The various media outlets naturally reported the commotion as well. Some self-media outlets also jumped on the bandwagon. Take Teacher Qiao for example. After Products of the Gods became successful, Qiao Liang accepted an olive branch from Aili Island. He hopped over to their platform from Potato Web.

He signed an ordinary creator’s incentive agreement with them, under which he would earn about thirty yuan for every ten thousand views. However, Teacher Qiao’s stable fanbase coupled with the website’s recommendation of him as a celebrity UP Master in the gaming area guaranteed that he had over hundreds of thousands of views for every video.

This way, Teacher Qiao no longer had to live a life of instability. His income was more or less stable.

He only needed to produce two videos each month. One of them needed to be popular, and the other needed to have sponsored partnerships. Altogether, he would have about 1.5 million views or so. The remuneration he got from the incentive plan and the advertising fees could give him a stable five or six thousand yuan each month. Compared to his situation before, this was much better.

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However, up until now, the second episode of Products of the Gods—which made Teacher Qiao as popular as he was now—was still not uploaded.

People were chasing him to upload more videos every day, but Teacher Qiao’s reply came quickly as well: “I’m sorry. There are no other games in the country that can compare to Game Designer in terms of content and concept. If there are any, this segment will be updated at once. Otherwise, I cannot forcefully update it and ruin my own reputation.”

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Qiao Liang’s words were thirty-percent true and seventy-percent false. Actually, he knew that if he wanted to update this segment, he would just have to look for foreign games and classic games. That would enable him to create videos for sure.

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However, he could earn five or six thousand yuan each month from Trash Games Diss, New Recommended Games, and other random videos. He had no time or energy to carefully look for new games in order to update Products of the Gods.

After Tengda completed the wave of ‘the kindest updates of downloadable content in history’, Teacher Qiao could not hold back his excitement. He wrote a new article to update his own special column.

“I have also been keeping an eye on Tengda Games’ most recent kind updates. I guessed that Ghost General and Ocean Stronghold would be updated. However, I did not expect The Lonely Desert Road to be updated as well!

“Speaking of this game, many people might have misunderstandings towards it.

“This was Tengda’s first game. I dissed it before. In terms of various aspects, this game looks roughly produced. This seemingly carelessly-produced game has also been viewed by many as a black spot in Tengda Games’ history.

“I once thought that this was because Tengda Games had just started out. It must have been limited in terms of costs and the like; that was probably why this game looked so carelessly-produced.

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“But now, I finally understand: I was wrong. Everyone who thought that this was a rubbish game is wrong! If Tengda really took this game to be a black spot in its history, it would have stopped updating it. It would have allowed the game to fizzle out and be destroyed.