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First, he went downstairs to search for Butler Song Kai.

Song Kai was not only the butler in this building. He was also the person-in-charge of the Sloth Apartments. He had divisions of labor with Liang Qingfan.

Liang Qingfan was mainly responsible for the design and quality control of the house while Song Kai was responsible for daily operation and maintenance.

“How is the situation with the other Sloth Apartments?” Pei Qian asked.

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“It is very good! I can see from the platform that many houses were rented out this morning. I heard that there are queues for viewing. The units at Binhu District should be fully rented out within these two days. The residential-commercial building would probably see the same situation in about 10 days to half a month!”

Pei Qian could not help but become silent.

This was worse than he imagined!

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The news just came out yesterday, and you were all grabbing it in the morning? Aren’t you all too well-informed?

“Add an eye-catching line on the official website: staying here will not improve your mental capability,” Pei Qian said.

“Huh?” Song Kai was stunned.

Song Kai also saw the interview on the internet as the person-in-charge of Sloth Apartments. He could not help but be astonished by Boss Li’s interpretation.

So that was what happened!