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But since it also means you obviously won't be able to win if you take too long either, the important thing here is just how much you've grasped the hang of it during the practice period. There are 10 hurdles in total placed at intervals of 10 meters. In the case that you're able to knock them all down then that means a total of 5 seconds would be added to your time. It's pretty much a despairing order.

In this event, it's been decided that Sudou will be participating as part of the last group.

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"If you guys are dead last then I'll slap you".

The unathletic students trembled at the intense pressure coming from Sudou, who was watching them with arms crossed.

"What kind of tyranny is this!?".

"Ehh, is Sotomura-kun present? In case of absence, he'll be disqualified".

I could hear those words coming from the referee at the starting line.

"I-I have a stomach ache.....would it be fine if I were to be absent?".

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The Professor, who could only barely overcome the hurdles back during practice, tried to escape as though frightened.

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"Huh? It's fine if you knock down all the hurdles so show some backbone and stay your course".

"Kopu!? I-I-I have it!".

At a distance where their faces were almost touching, he glared at the Professor who then went onto the course. There's a great difference between coming in dead last and being disqualified. Since in the case of disqualification you won't even be able to acquire a point, participation is essential.