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The sight caused Tsukishiro to let show a tender smile.

“Well, I’d rather not waste any more time on this.”

Saying that, Tsukishiro set down the backpack he was holding in front of Ichinose before stepping away again.

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“The port is located about 150 meters straight ahead of us. Do get going, if you would.”

“Y-yes sir…!”

Overcome with a sense of panic, Ichinose hurriedly put on her backpack, desperate to get away as quickly as possible.

“It’s not your enemies that you should be protecting, but your own classmates. It would do you well to keep that in mind.”

Ichinose nodded in response before promptly setting off in the direction Tsukishiro had indicated.

Once she had disappeared into the forest, Shiba sent a look of confusion toward Tsukishiro.

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“It’s fine. Just leave her be.”

“Are you sure? If she mentions this to Ayanokōji, it’ll interfere with the plan.”

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He simply couldn’t shake the thought that there were still loose ends that ought to be dealt with somehow.