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I’ll be looking forward to- no, please don’t. I’m really sorry. I’M REALLY SORRY, EVERYONE!

Translator: your_pingas

What in the world is everyone looking for in a story’s protagonist?

Is it resonance? Belief? Strength? Or the narrative ability?

I guess all of us have different standards for a protagonist. However, I, Keita Amano, feel like the most important thing is “yearning.”

I don’t need to describe external factors like being popular with girls or having insane abilities.

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The protagonists’ beliefs or reserved inner attractiveness make me respect them from the bottom of my heart.

In summary, to me, a so-called protagonist is a person that I would “yearn” for.

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At least, what I can be sure is that-

“Hehehe! Hiya, Main-sama looks good in everything! Hehe!”

-That’s not a wretched high school year 2 guy that ditches his lover on the weekend near Valentine’s Day to flatter a beautiful flight attendant.

It’s been nearly a week since I’m owned by Main-san.

I’m giving my all in being Main-san’s underling today as well.