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Of course, not everything went smoothly.

In the subjugation of Giant Slime, the clothes of Ria and Rose were dissolved… and so on.

As a result, I prevented the disaster by lending the clothes I was wearing at that time.

I was really surprised when the two started sniffing the smell of the uniform.

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I didn’t sweat too much, so it should’ve been fine… I hope.

A week has passed since we started living as magic swordsmen.

People get used to everything unexpectedly, and even the frivolous building which clearly was an eyesore to the surrounding environments before, no longer bothered us.

And I also made a few magic swordsman friends.

While Ria and Rose went to the bathroom, as I was gazing at the request forms on the request board,

「Oi, Allen! Hang out with me a bit!」

Dread-san, holding a small glass in one hand, called out to me.

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「What is it, Dread-san? If you want me to drink sake, no thank you.」

Since that incident, he seems to be reducing the amount of alcohol he had been drinking, and I’ve never seen him as drunk as he used to be.

「Hehehe, You’re as straight-laced as ever, you! Well, just sit down! There are talks which can only be had between men… isn’t there?」

He smirked as he said so.

We’re talking about Dread-san here, it most likely isn’t gonna be anything decent…

I had no choice but to sit next to him because I thought it would be rude to refuse.

「-So, which one are you going out with?」