Online farm grows

Online farm grows

“Could it be that Boss Pei wants to avenge the ‘humiliation of the international game’?”

Meng Chang took a deep breath and felt even more pressured.

It had to be said that the saying ‘to bring shame to the country’ was too easy to cause a topic. What’s more, it could easily trigger the patriotism of players. Once this topic was thrown out, the attention would definitely not be low.

This undoubtedly increased the difficulty of Meng Chang’s reverse publicity.

“From the theme, this is an RTS game, and it’s a sci-fi genre.”

“There shouldn’t be many people playing this type of game.”

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“Therefore, if we want the publicity to not have the desired effect, we have to try our best to make it ‘inside the circle’.”

“As long as it doesn’t leave the circle, its popularity would be limited to the domestic standalone players. There would definitely be no way to recover a huge amount of investment from the RTS game. Naturally, publicity would fail.”

“Then... I have to work hard on the publicity material!”

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Meng Chang quickly determined the general publicity strategy. He wanted to make it as boring as possible for passers-by and make core players uncomfortable.

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If the situation allowed it, he could also play some tricks to create a false publicity effect.

Of course, the prerequisite was that they did not violate the rules of the agreement or the relevant laws and regulations. How to play the game was a technical skill.

“From the looks of it, Tengda has done a good job of keeping it a secret. The outside world basically doesn’t know that the game that Tengda is developing is the remake of Mission and Choice.”

“This is a huge benefit to me! This way, I can use the netizens’ inertial thinking to mislead them...”

“In that case, the original publicity material for Mission and Choice is not bad. What would happen if I used it directly?”

Meng Chang searched online and quickly found a lot of publicity material for Mission and Choice.