How to make money on the platform

How to make money on the platform

“What the hell are you thinking!?”

“Uh, what do you mean by what I’m thinking? -Of course, I’m thinking about your love!”

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“Huh, -why are you saying that with a serious face!? I, Aguri, already have a brilliant boyfriend that’s Tasuku…”

Aguri-san got flustered after hearing my line. …Ugh.

“Hey, can you not brew this atmosphere like I’m loving Aguri-san as a girl? It’s disgusting, and most importantly, it’s pissing me off.”

“Okay, Amanocchi, come here and grit your teeth!”

After the warning, she immediately slapped me on the face- no, instead, she stomped my feet brutally. I moaned in pain after taking an unexpected attack before curling up like I’m a comedy manga character. After that, I protested with tears in my eyes.

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“What’s the point of you telling me to grit my teeth!?”

“No, I just wanted to attack somewhere you didn’t expect.”

“Is this how you treat a guy that’s wagering you!? You bitch gal!” [Note: I didn’t exaggerate his tone here. That’s what he said.]

“That’s my line, alright!? Is a young man supposed to say that after he wagered the main heroine, Aguri!? You…<Betrayer Amano>!”

“Oh, it feels like a classic novel, <Betrayer Amano>. It sounds nice.”