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Online chess agent makes money is true or false

Wouldn’t that be a win-win situation?

In any case, Boss Pei was willing to do anything to incur losses!

October 17th, Sunday…

In the afternoon…

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At the airport…

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Xia Jiang was stepping onto Jingzhou soil for the first time. She looked behind her, scanning her impressive interview team. All of a sudden, she felt a great weight on her shoulders.

There were a total of nine people in the official platform’s interview team this time.

Xia Jiang was the editor-in-chief, in charge of Boss Pei’s interview. She brought with her an editor-in-training to help her out.

There were four people in the camera crew: one in charge of the main camera, two in charge of the roving cameras, and a young, burly man to help with carrying equipment and other matters.

There were also two photographers, and a businessman named Little Zhang. He was in charge of building a relationship with employees of Tengda and planning the entire interview schedule.

Apart from the trainee, all nine of them were experienced and aged. One could say that this was the dream team.

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There would be no need to pull all stops if this were an ordinary interview. At most, the official platform would send one reporter, one videographer, and one photographer. Sometimes, the reporter would double up as the photographer as well. It was rare for a team like that to be formed.

Naturally, Xia Jiang had heard of Tengda Games before. She knew that it was an up-and-coming games company in Jingzhou and that its business was not limited to developing games.

It was said that this company’s boss was quite a mysterious character. That was why Xia Jiang, along with everyone else in her team, felt extremely curious about him.

In fact, it was Tengda’s request for the official platform to send so many people.

This showed how seriously Tengda was taking this interview.