How to write novels online with your mobile phone

How to write novels online with your mobile phone

< Time until Keita Amano’s girlfriend enters Ayumu Kiriya’s apartment: 6 months >

Translator: your_pingas

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Someone found out that the live streamer was cheating behind his girl.

From what I’ve heard, that live streamer brought a nonage high school student into his room and banged each other every night.

Also, the exposure is due to the private messaging records of people related to him. This became another example of troubles caused by love.

Naturally, he received wave after wave of complaints from the internet.

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Initially, the live streamer freaked out and messed up his response completely. In desperation, his reaction is basically flying into a rage out of humiliation, which caused even more complaints. In the end, people went overboard and started human flesh searching. Right now, his daily life is in ruins as well-

-I, Ayumu Kiriya, looked at the summary of the news report dazedly. Then, I grabbed and took a small sip of my micro sugar canned coffee.

(Sigh, his live streaming career was over when things went this way.)

The artificial bitterness of the canned coffee is slowly spreading inside my mouth.

The news report did pay attention and didn’t specify the actual name of the live streamer. However, people already knew who from the content alone. That guy has humorous reactions that put comedians to shame. Also, his chatter never bores the audience, which is the so-called “idol live streamer.” That guy is at the top of the live streamer ranking, which makes me kind of upset.

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I scrolled down the report and read the comments below.

< I can already see how trash this person is from the messages he replied to the girl. > < He looks quite ugly in the photo, right? > < Seriously? It’s kind of upsetting since I really liked him. > < By the way, who’s this person? > < The girl’s more or less the same when she published the message records. > < His worshippers are disgusting. > < Everyone related is gross. > < Do we really need a news report for things like this? > < I can already see from the games that he’s streaming. >